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    Meet the small, lean team ensuring life-saving medications are never left behind.

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    Kushal Loya

    Kushal has spent his career developing software for Fortune 500 companies. As an Application Engineering Leader at AstraZeneca, he led teams that produced and delivered multiple apps for health care professionals and patients.

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    Liz Tang

    Liz directed the UC Davis Student Startup Center when she became an allergy mom. She helped undergraduate students take ideas, create prototypes, and form ventures - check out JAPA!

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    Nolan Tang

    Nolan had his first (and only 🤞) EpiPen shot when he was just 14 months old.


    Now, at 7, he can produce a mean EpiReminder commercial on-demand.

  • Liz and EpiReminder's Story

    EpiReminder - built for food allergy families by a food allergy mom.

    Life as a Mom

    It’s been exactly 5 years since my son was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies. Everything about my parenting journey has been different than I expected. I wanted to be a cool Mom - instead, I’m an overbearing, helicopter mom. And I know I'm not alone.

    Importance of Epinephrine

    Every immune system is different - so the food allergy experience is different for everyone. There’s one thing that’s universal for all families: the need to keep life-saving epinephrine nearby at all times.

    Inside Knowledge

    There are a lot of customized situations we get into that only someone experiencing life with a food allergy or caring for a food allergy child can understand. This product only works if it works for everyone, every case, every device, every situation. It needs to work for adults and young adults that manage their medications on their own. It needs to work for middle and high schoolers who are doing this independently but should also alert their parents when it has been left behind for an additional safety net. Finally, it needs to work for parents of young children - me! I need the ability to hand off the responsibility of my son’s epi to additional caregivers - his Dad, his teacher, his grandparents, and his babysitters.

    Mission and Dedication

    After 5 years, I feel like I can finally come up for some sort of a breather. With this opportunity, I now find my passion making this life a little bit easier for us all. I'm dedicated to making sure every person that needs one has an epinephrine auto-injector if needed.

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